Cubot and cheetah mobile team up to launch the first smartphone.

Cheetah mobile has over 600 million overseas users, based on this, Cubot Cheetah integrate the clean master, it has the exclusive super power-saving mode, and offer 10GB of cloud storage for free.

Aerospace aluminum all-metal body as a GPS antenna, navigation capabilities comparable to a professional navigator.

Cubot Cheetah fuselage uses aluminum ingots CNC metal forming integrated design, so the phone can be made very thin and lightweight, the thinnest at only 4.5mm, even so, it can offer 3050 mA battery to ensure battery life. There is also a worthy reveal secrets, The entire metal body as the use of GPS antenna, so that even in rainy weather, it will be very easy to find a satellite in the sky.

  • Thickness

  • Antenna

  • Battery

the thinnest at only 4.5mm

Samsung mid-motor, PDAF fast AF

In order to enhance the capture ability of Cubot Cheetah, it intently adopts Samsung's mid-motor, which can capture their focus in a very short period of time, relying on the 13 million pixel Samsung camera, PDAF fast focus, rapid completion of high-quality shooting is a piece of cake.

  • 13MP Rear camera
  • PDAF Fast focus motor
  • 5P Elements
  • 1A LED high bright flashlight

the built-in gyroscope

First explain what is gyroscope. It is also called gyro angular velocity sensor, a gyroscope on the phone can do good measure on rotated and deflection action, so that you can accurately analyze and judge the actual movement of the user. Therefore, Cubot Cheetah can be very good to complete the all the major 3D mobile games on market at present.

inertial navigation

Best reflected in the car is about to enter the tunnel, GPS signal is not lose during this time, Cubot Cheetah can complete the navigation memory so as to ensure continuity of navigation, and will not in the wrong direction in bifurcated tunnel.

Convenient to operate and secure
the protection - finger print sensor

  • 360° Fingerprint recognition
  • 0.3S Fingerprint Unlock
1. chip-class solution for security, protect the privacy and more care.
2. Rear finger scanner, which is different from slide finger print sensor, more sensitive and convenient.
3. Only 0.3S for launching finger print scanner, 360°all angle ecognition.
4. Five suites of finger prints.


64bit Octa-Core

Android 6.0

Cheetah comes with MT6753 ARM® Cortex®-A53 Octa-core (1.3GHz), 64 -bit processor, combined with ARM Mali™ -T720 graphics processor, 4G WorldMode LTE®. No matter viewing videos or playing games on cheetah, you 'll use it smoothly.

Cheetah get scores in Antutu benchmark test
Dual SIM Dual Standby

Support TF card up to 128GB extended

  • Micro




  • or
  • Micro





4G FDD: Band 1/ 3 / 7 / 20
3G WCDMA: 900MHz / 1900MHz / 2100MHz
2G GSM: 850MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900MHz

5.5 inch Full HD IPS display

Negative liquid crystal technology

Wider view angle within 5.5 inch FHD screen , 1920 x 1080 resolution , 400 PPI super retina display , it’s good to enjoy playing games or reading with excellent experience. the back surface fits the palm,You “ll feel comfortable when you hold the phone in a single hand.

  • 5.5

  • 1920x1080

  • 400

  • 92%

All you want

All it should come with without a shred of waste, it is to make Cubot Cheetah in
a balanced form presented to the user, and get a good experience.