26th April ~ 11th May

phone holder

cable roller


glass protector

leather cover

TF card

dust-proof plug

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CUBOT Dinosaur

Large capacity but still keeps Slim

How will Cubot Dinosaur help you solve these problems ?
  • Low Battery

  • Too Slide To Grip

  • Too Thick

  • APP Stop Running

It might be the slimmest smart phone with long battery life in the world

The battery is 4150mAh with long lifetime and the thickness is limited to 3.8mm .Big capacity but still keeps slim .4.8mm for grip feels while the real thickness is 8.8mm ,which is slimmer than most other smart phones .

  • Thickness 8.8 mm
  • Grip feels 4.8 mm

High energy density,
4150mAh big battery capacity.

The energy density could up to 650Wh/L, 14% more than the regular battery in same cube. Even the heavy user could use it for two days. At the same time, we increase the charging current to 1.5A paired with the large battery.

  • Energy Density 650 Wh/L
  • Battery Thickness 3.8 mm
Anti Fall

Meticulous and continuous back texture

CUBOT Dinosaur has uniform metallic color, more complex 3D etching process dorsal striatum, and excellent slip resistance, which also gives it a unique fashion sense. 4499 "stars" embellishment in the back of your whole body golden seamless golden edition white version with white gold frame front, simple and pure, and restrained black version, each version has more distinct personality, temperament as you.

  • Black
  • Gold
  • white
A powerful combo of performance

Powerful performance, superior graphics and
long battery life equips you for life and work on the move.

  • MT6735A1.3 4-Core
  • 3GB RAMLPDDR3 800MHz
  • 16GB ROMeMMC4.5 200MHz