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About Desa Trade

Desa Trade is an international company whose liability in business is unquestionable and which operates as a distributor in cellular telephony and consumer electronics.

Everyday Desa trade offers to their customers a wide range of last generation products at competitive prices and inform their customers of the news and most favourable offers.
Desa trade's sales team helps customers to find the best solution for their business.

According to a survey from "Istituto Tedesco Qualità e Finanza", Desa Trade which has been top in turnover over the period 2013-2016, – ranked as number 1 . Over the above-mentioned period, this Company has sharply increased its turnover by 370 % up to 94,3 million Euros. And also Desa Trade is among the very few Italian Businesses to be awarded as CRIBIS Prime Company.

Dase Trade advantages
  • Excellent team

  • Precise product positioning

  • Strong sales momentum

  • More partners

  • User-friendly webshop

  • Competitive prices

  • Outstanding logistical performance

  • 14 years of market competence

  • Long-term goal

  • Sharp growing rate

Cubot has always paid great attention to the Italian market. In 2017, Cubot began to cooperate with Desa Trade. After more than a year of in-depth cooperation, Desa Trade proved himself to be the distributor agent in the Italy , also has exercised distributor rights in these regions.

Through a series of cooperation and contacts, our relationship become more closer. The two sides reached a long-term and deep cooperation intention and signed an distributor authorization document. Desa Trade will distribute the CUBOT brand globally in the Italy, which will radiate it to other European regions.

Cubot has always supported retrying to develop the Italian market and actively investing in finding strong market channels.

Today, the Desa Trade joins the CUBOT family, Cubot products will be available in the Italy and some European markets. This is a great opportunity and challenge for Cubot.

CUBOT will put forth effort in product development, quality control. To provide much more quality products, and constantly continue to raise the international profile. Cubot will continue to increase investment. We hope to see you on the road of development of Cubot.