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About Shokh international

Shokh international is a reputed mobile phone import company in Bangladesh.shokh international established as a trading company in 2004 .at the end of 2008 company has started mobile phone importing and 2012 January company launched a new mobile phone brand in the Bangladesh market .

The brand name was WOOTEL .till now shokh international doing business with good reputation around the country . Company setup 26 own after sales service in different province in country .15 active efficient and energetic well experienced sales are working for this company.we have integrated marketing , communications,promotions and campaigns to leverage and achieve our goal nationally .

Shokh international advantages
  • Excellent team

  • Precise product positioning

  • Strong sales momentum

  • Strong after-sale

  • Excellent availability

In March 2018, CUBOT CEO Mr. Richard and Shokh International CEO Ahsan Anowar have a deep communication in CUBOT company. The two sides reached a long-term and deep cooperation intention and signed an exclusive authorization document. Shokh International will distribute the CUBOT brand globally in the Bangladesh, which will radiate it to other Southeast Asia regions.

Ahsan Anowar ( Shokh International) and Richard Meng (CUBOT) made partnership in CUBOT company .

Visit the CUBOT factory

CUBOT officially authorizes Shokh International to become
CUBOT's exclusive agent in the Bangladesh market.

Welcome Shokh international to joins the CUBOT family, CUBOT products will be available in the Bangladesh and some South Asia markets. This is a great opportunity and challenge for CUBOT.

CUBOT will put forth effort in product development, quality control. To provide much more quality products, and constantly improve their international image. CUBOT will continue to increase investment. We hope to see you on the road of development of CUBOT.