The must way of the CUBOT smartphone

Before every CUBOT phone came out of the factory, all need to go through rigorous hardware, software testing and inspection, Only that mobile phones that meet the test criteria will reach to you. This is our consistent commitment to the product, only for providing a better experience for you.

Dependability Testing

1 Free-fall test 3.5<display size≤5.5, fell to 1.0M    5.5<display size≤6.0,fell to 0.9M
display size>6.0, fell to 0.8M (Power on) ,
The dropping order is: Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front, Back
2 Sand-dust test 100Min  (Dust flow: 9M/S)
3 Slight fell test 1000 times for each side(tools, height:10CM)
20 times each of six sides(manumotive, height:20CM)
4 Soft pressure test 500 times each of positive and negative surface horizontally,
500 times each of positive and negative surface vertically
(pressure 250N, 15-30 times/m)
6 tumbling barrel test 300 Circles  (Height:45cm,Speed:10 circles/Min)
7 Twist Test 1000 times   (Twisting forces are 1N for positive and negitive)
8 load and unload of battery cover 100 Times
9 load and unload of battery 100 Times
10 load and unload of SIM card 100 Times
11 load and unload of memory card 100 Times
12 Machine on-off pressure test 10 Times
13 talking test 2 Hours
14 insertion and extraction of
earphone testing
3000 Cycles(speed: 300 cycles/Min)
15 insertion and extraction of
USB testing
3000 Cycles(speed: 300 cycles/Min)
16 insertion and extraction of
USB port pressure testing
30 seconds (impose 5kg pressure to USB port)
17 USB port swing test 1000 Times
18 high temperature and humidity storage test 48 Hours (temperature:60°, humidity:95%)
19 Low temperature storage 8 Hours (temperature:-35°)
20 high temperature and humidity operation test 48 Hours (temperature:60°, humidity:90%)
21 Low temperature operation test 8 Hours (temperature:-35°)
22 cold and heat impulsion 50 Cycles (high temperature 75°,low temperature -30°. circulation once every 30Mins.
switch time is 3Mins)
23 Button test 100,000 Times
24 Click test on touch screen 200,000 Times
25 Line drawing test on touch screen 100,000 Times
26 Speaker test 96 Hours (Continue to play bass music)
27 Video playing test 96 Hours
28 Receiver test 96 Hours
29 Microphone test 96 Hours
30 Motor Test 96 Hours
31 Camera test 96 Hours
32 Flashlight test 96 Hours
33 Repeated switch on/off
(ensure it's working normally after
switch on/off repeatedly)
10,000 Times
34 Repeated standby wake-up
(ensure normal standby condition)
100,000 Times
. . . . . . .