Heart rate monitor and
step counter smart watch

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Sport & Fashion

The Smart Fitness Watch

High strength elastic rubber strap Simple button design Mineral crystal glass Stainless steel bezel is rugged

Basic Functions

  • Alarm clock

  • Sedentary reminder

  • Drinking reminder

  • Bluetooth data transmission

Fashion design

The designers add the latest fashion factors to Cubot F1, the stainless steel bezel wraps up the mineral crystal glass, high strength elastic rubber strap, the simple button design, all of these build the mixture of fashion and athlethic pattern.

Multiple movements

Automatic identification of walking, running, mountain climbing, riding and other sport modes, the error of steps can be reduced, more functions like dynamic heart rate recording and calories consuming are achieved.

  • Walking

  • Running

  • Riding

24-hour dynamic
heart rate monitoring

Continuous heart rate monitoring without the chest straps.
High-speed access to the accurate heart rate data.

GPS movement trajectory

When the watch is connected to the phone, APP will record your trajectory, it’s accurate to every step, and calorie consumption, track, steps, calories.

Calls and SMS notification

In your meeting or it’s not convenient to view the phone on some occasion, it helps to check important calls and messages.

Stopwatch function

Cubot F1 can be used as a stopwatch ,it’s very accurate.

Sedentary tips of drinking water

You should set a "sedentary reminder" and "drinking reminder" to cope with busy work, when the time is up , the watch will vibrate and remind you of resting or drinking to keep health.

  • Sedentary reminder

  • Drinking reminder

Remote control Camera

Open APP Camera Mode, Tap on it Remote camera, wonderful moments easy to control.

Play the music

When you are running or walking, you can play the music through the watch. You only need to lift your wrist switch the song easily, if you do not want to listen ,just press to stop.

Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Transfer

Supporting phones with system of IOS and Android, it will be more convenient to connect the phone with the watch by blue tooth 4.0 , it’s more stable to transfer the data.

  • Bluetooth4.0

  • Android 4.3
    and above

  • IOS 8.0
    and above

Full charging not just for one day usage

Cubot F1 uses high-density 240mAh lithium battery, with low consumption FSIN screen, it can be used for30days with once charging.

30 days standby
1.2 Inch FSIN screen, it will be
clearer when there is more light

1.2 Inch FSIN bright screen, the screen can be seen even in off-screen condition.
In the sunlight, it’s more brighter, the screen will be clearer.

IP 67 Waterproof

We make Cubot F1 with the waterproof level of IP 67, that means you could wear it even in the rain,hand washing or in shower,don't worry of it.

One key to share

It’s very convenient to share your daily sport data to Facebook, Twitter and other social APPs, so share your happiness with your friends.