KingKong Mini 2

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Small in Size , Big on Performance

Small in Size

KingKong Mini 2 equipped with 4 inch QHD+ exquisite small screen. You can
easily operate it with one hand. It's also easy to carry, you can put it in your
pocket without hindering your movement.

Big on Performance

Powered by a MT6761 processor, it's capable of smoothly handing ev-
eryday tasks without any delays while consuming less energy.

Waterproof & Dust resistant

Waterproof for common liquid like rain,
coffee and tea.

Dust, dirt and sand protection

Sturdy and Durable

The left and right side of KingKong Mini 2 are made up of metal with high
hardness, all corners are covered by imported soft plastic package and the
whole body is with thick and skid proof texture. lt can withstand violent crash
or extreme outdoor environments.

13.0 MP Rear and 8.0 MP Front Camera

KingKong Mini 2 is equipped with a 13.0MP rear camera, and a super 500mA
LED flash light. Even in the dark conditions, it works with clear effect. The 8.0 MP
front camera has "Beauty Mode". lt is capable of shooting brilliant pictures even
though under extreme sur-roundings.

Great Android OS Support
Android 10.0

KingKong Mini 2 will run on smooth
and fast Android 10. Benefit from all
the great Google applications, sys-
tem-wide dark theme, privacycon-
trols and so on.

Geomagnetism and Gyroscope

Gyroscope and geomagnetic sensor with GPS in phones, the navigation capacity will reach
an unprecedented level. Even in a tunnel with a weak GPS signal, it has a strong memory, so
you won't lose your way.




Face ID, Speed Awakens

Security becomes simpler and safer
when your face is your password.