About us

Who We Are

At Cubot we are always striving to offer simply robust products with reliable performance. We put a lot of effort into our service offering to earn your trust. That spirit is captured in our slogan; “Simple & Trust”.

Our vision at Cubot is to make affordable smartphones with the latest technology accessible for everyone. Everyone deserves to have a premium quality smartphone for communication and entertainment.


High Performing Smartphones, Affordable Prices

The latest technology in your pocket. Cubot is for those who want more from their smartphone. More control, more flexibility, and more performance and durability for their money. Our fully integrated production enables us to stay at the forefront of state-of-the-art technological innovation.

Cubot stands for robust and reliable performance. The fastest and most powerful new mobile technology goes through intense performance testing before new models are released. By integrating the entire production line in-house, from research and development over manufacturing to testing and distribution, Cubot smartphones offers the most advanced features with maximum reliability.

Everyone deserves to afford premium quality smartphones for communication and entertainment. Everyone deserves a Cubot.

Multiple Performance tests.

Every model goes through intense and thorough stress tests to ensure the highest quality control. When you order your new Cubot smartphone, you are guaranteed that the model has gone through:

Free-fall drops and pressure test — from top to bottom, left to right, front and back.

1000 Twist tests

100 Battery, sim-card and memory-card changes

100,000 button press tests

96 hours of continuous hardware tests

And many more tests. Read the full overview here.

We perform uncompromised testing for uncompromised performance-to-price ratio products.

The freedom to choose.

At Cubot, we believe it’s your phone, so you should be allowed to choose the apps you want. That’s why our devices run on a clean, minimalist OS without pre-installed bloatware. This way, you are not locked to any unnecessary 3rd-party applications slowing down your new phone. By giving you full flexibility to choose which apps to use, you will get the maximum free processing power and performance for a fast, smooth running smartphone.

Cubot — the functions you need without paying for the ones you don’t.

Service & Repair

To save our customers time and shipping fees we have licensed repair centre in Poland for Europe and Middle-East customers, and in China for Asian customers. Simply ship the broken phones to the repair centre nearest you for an authorised restoration of damaged hardware. In addition, Cubot offers support for our independent distributors to offer customers the best sales promotions and quick fixing of returned/damaged phones.