Terms and Rules

What is Flash Deals ?

It’s a activity for community members to buy Cubot products with a big discount.

Some limited products will be released with a big discount regularly.

(Note: This activity only open to England,Germany,France,Italia,Spain,Netherlands)

How to do?

1.You can claim the product that you like and it will cost your some coins to enter.

(Note: The products are on different Amazon sites, pay attention to the site of the product that you want to choose is suitable for your location.)

2.You will receive an email with a discount code after you claim a product.

3.Use the discount code to buy the products.

How to get coins?

1. Register an account and fill out your profile ( your Amazon profile is the information that you must submit), you will get 10 coins.

2. Be an active users. The more involved you are, the more coins you’ll get.

* Create a threads, you will get 5 coins. Twice a day.

* Post a reply, you will get 2 coins. Once per article.